Airoldi Negroni Solution!

Airoldi Negroni Solution!

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Smeaton’s Bristol Dry Gin

Made with Fresh Botanicals

Crafted according to the original Bristol Method, fresh botanicals are individually distilled in traditional copper pots according to their season. This single-minded approach to distillation captures the pure essence of each botanical, from Tuscan Juniper to hand-cut Valencia Orange. Rested for three months before release, Smeaton’s is a dry gin of exceptional balance, complexity and length.

Smeaton’s Bristol Dry Gin – 700ml
Normal Retail: $120.00

Pio Cesare Vermouth di Torino

Since the beginning of their history, Pio Cesare have been producing limited quantities of Barolo Vermouth, meticulously following a family recipe conveyed by Nonno.

In the early 1950s, production ceased; at that time their customers’ interests and tastes were deeply changing. In 2016, with a passion to revive the past, Pio Cesare started to produce a limited quantity of each of these wines to a select clientele in Italy and around the world. Airoldi Fine Wines is proud to bring these great wines back again, to regain the celebrity, fame and uniqueness of the past!

Pio Cesare Vermouth di Torino – 750ml
Normal Retail: $110.00

Reid & Reid Bitter Aperitivo

Made from 14 different fruits, seeds, leaves and roots including gentian root, orange, manuka and kawakawa. Reid & Reid bitter aperitivo is perfect in a Negroni, spritz, americano or simply with tonic or soda.

Reid Brothers Distilling, New Zealand.

Reid & Reid Bitter Aperitivo – 500ml
Normal Retail: $65.00

Also includes: 2 old-fashioned glasses, a jigger and dried orange slices!

Total Recommended Retail Price – $290.00 inc GST

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