E. Guigal Côte Rôtie La Landonne 2015

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The Wine Cellar Insider: Guigal La Landonne made its debut in 1978. Produced from young vines that average35 years of age, the parcel is planted to 100% Syrah on the Cote Brune. The terroir is mostly granite, shale, iron oxide and manganese soils. The vineyards are 2 hectares on the northern most portion of La Landonne. But it was not always 2 hectares. In fact it took almost a full decade of buying tiny slivers of vines in theLa Landonne lieu-dit to put together the entire vineyard parcel they have today. Being that far north on the hillside, the vines are planted in soils that have up to a 45 degree gradient in some portions, making it an extremely difficult vineyard to farm.Tasting the wine, it is easy to see, it is clearly worth the effort. This is the biggest, most tannic and sturdiest of the Guigal Cote Rotie wines. It also expresses the most minerality, along with blackberry, grilled meat,spice, tobacco and truffle. La Landonne is 100% Syrah. It takes much longer than the other La La wines to mature. In its youth, the wine is firm and can be difficult to understand. But as it ages, it can be the most complex of the 3! It is also the longest-lived wines of the La La trio.Annual production hovers at close to 800 cases per year. The older I get, or is it the older Guigal La Landonne gets, I continue to gain a greater appreciation of this vineyard from Guigal, placing it above La Turque and even La Mouline in certain vintages.